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Case Studies

The following case studies provide an insight into what Analytek can offer your business.

  • Breathing new life into obsolete test equipment

    As the march of mobile communications technology advances many companies within the industry find themselves with compliance testers which have simply become obsolete. The increasing importance of GPRS, EDGE and third generation technology has driven test and measurement equipment on to more and more sophisticated platforms with the result that older equipment is no longer suitable for compliance testing and no longer supported by the respective manufacturers.

  • Consultancy to identify an obscure mobile performance problem

    The customer is a mobile manufacturer with a new model of mobile just having achieved type approval.

    While the mobile passed the RF tests at type approval with flying colours, subjective performance of the mobile in a "real world" network situation suggested that a problem existed. Field testing often revealed unexpected call drops in difficult reception areas and early users reported that the product seemed to have inferior performance when compared to competitors' products. Despite this, attempts to reproduce the problem in the laboratory had failed to reveal any problems.

  • Analytek step in to speed product to approval

    The customer is a mobile manufacturer who was in the final stages of regulatory testing. A number of compliance tests were failing, leading to delays in the market introduction of the product. Analytek were asked to provide consultancy to help speed the resolution of the last few problems.

  • Analytek revolutionises testing of mobile applications

    In 2001, Analytek began to appreciate a hole in the availability of test equipment for mobile devices. The major test equipment manufacturers were targeting the usual areas of compliance, production and service testing at the air interface. Emerging technologies required a move further from the physical layer as applications began to be integrated into the mobile. Since compliance testing of mobile data applications was not even on the horizon, this area was not attractive to the major test equipment manufacturers.

  • Novel testing solution solves encryption testing problem

    Testing of mobile handsets generally involves a device traditionally referred to as a system simulator. This simulates a GSM base station and network infrastructure and can thus be used to verify protocols used by mobiles to communicate with the network infrastructure.

  • Analytek product revolutionises SMS testing

    Once almost removed from the GSM core recommendations due to restrictive timescales, the Short Message Service has grown in a way few in the mobile telecommunications industry predicted.

    Unfortunately, support by the mainstream test and measurement equipment suppliers has not tracked the demand for SMS and particularly the new features customers now demand of messaging.

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