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Analytek revolutionises testing of mobile applications

In 2001, Analytek began to appreciate a hole in the availability of test equipment for mobile devices. The major test equipment manufacturers were targeting the usual areas of compliance, production and service testing at the air interface. Emerging technologies required a move further from the physical layer as applications began to be integrated into the mobile. Since compliance testing of mobile data applications was not even on the horizon, this area was not attractive to the major test equipment manufacturers.

Analytek spotted an opportunity to target customer requirements for a platform on which these applications could be tested.

The end result was the Data Test Suite (DTS). This is a product which runs on the CRTU-G platform from Rohde & Schwarz. Rather than provide short compliance test cases where the mobile is put through a fixed signalling sequence and requirement checks are made on the way, the Data Test Suite was designed more as a GSM / GPRS network simulation with IP connectivity. It would simulate either a circuit switched or GPRS network, and respond to mobile requests in much the same way as would a live network.

Bundled with a web server and WAP gateway, the Data Test Suite allows customers to run a WAP enabled mobile through its' paces while simulating both the GSM network and the IP based application protocols. Connectivity to a live internet connection is also supported, allowing live sites and services to be accessed through a controlled GSM simulation. While the GSM network simulation remains transparent during such activity, if a problem occurs, the powerful logging capability of the underlying GSM protocol tester can be used to pinpoint any signalling errors. This compares most favourably with testing against a live network, where no diagnostic information is made available.

The DTS has now been used to test a variety of other mobile data applications including FTP, HTTP, I-Mode, MMS, WAP and E-Mail. Its' generic support of all IP-based protocols guarantees its' compatibility with future applications such as Push to Talk and Voice Over IP.

In the middle of 2003, the DTS was sold to Rohde & Schwarz GmbH, where it continues to be provided, albeit under the new name DATS (Data Application Test Suite).