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Analytek product revolutionises SMS testing

Once almost removed from the GSM core recommendations due to restrictive timescales, the Short Message Service has grown in a way few in the mobile telecommunications industry predicted.

Unfortunately, support by the mainstream test and measurement equipment suppliers has not tracked the demand for SMS and particularly the new features customers now demand of messaging.

Little regulatory testing is required in this area and mobile manufacturers have tended to develop proprietary extensions to the standards to support richer messaging. This has caused come issues of interoperability between handsets from rival manufacturers.

So important has SMS become to GSM subscribers that network operators and mobile manufacturers must work hard to guarantee interoperability. Unfortunately, they lack the tools from the test and measurement industry to test efficiently for interoperability. Frequently, they must resort to employing staff to manually test message transfers between mobiles using a live GSM network. Not only is this testing tedious and prone to error, with the high number of key presses required for each message transmitted, but using a live network introduces unknowns into the equation and provides no way of tracing problems.

Analytek developed the Messaging Client to address this area of testing. Able to interface with off the shelf GSM testers, the messaging client allows SMS messages to be organised as would e-mails in a mail client. Newly received messages from the mobile appear in an an "Inbox" and can be stored in user-defined subdirectories in a hierarchical structure. Messages can be created, displayed, edited and deleted within this structure. The Messaging Client can also send messages to a mobile under test using the attached GSM tester. Even if the message was originally a mobile originated message, it will be converted into a mobile terminated message that will be received by the mobile under test as if it had been transferred across a live network.

This powerful application allows a portfolio of messages from various devices to be built up and stored. They can be used to test a target mobile many times, without having to enter the message repeatedly. In addition, the fields in the message, and even the raw data representing the message, can be manipulated to insert deliberate errors.

Because the Messaging Client is based on a GSM tester, the logging capability and control of the network configuration are not compromised.