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Speed Product to Approval

Analytek step in to speed product to approval

The customer is a mobile manufacturer who was in the final stages of regulatory testing. A number of compliance tests were failing, leading to delays in the market introduction of the product. Analytek were asked to provide consultancy to help speed the resolution of the last few problems.

After meeting with the customer it became apparent that the customer was using both an external test house and internal compliance laboratory for the testing. In both cases, engineers assigned to the execution of the tests were inexperienced, and this impacted on the quality of feedback received by the product development engineers when problems were observed. Furthermore, development engineers had poor access to the compliance test systems, meaning that they had no ability to reproduce the scenarios which were causing the compliance problems.

A consultant from Analytek was provided to help in the following areas:

Observation of compliance testing procedures

The presence of the consultant during test sessions maximised the information gleaned during testing procedures. Some incorrect processes were identified and failures due to irrelevent mistakes removed from consideration. Logs could be analysed immediately upon failures, and a decision could be made as to whether the log demonstrated a problem in the mobile.

Analysis of failed test logs

Back at the customer's site, incoming logs from the test house and in-house test engineers were analysed and quickly broken down, rejecting logs which indicated procedural errors in the test execution or conditions. The remaining logs, which indicated compliance problems, were discussed with the product development engineers concerned in order to put them on the right track towards solving the problem with the minimum delay.

Bespoke test scenario creation

Where compliance failures could not be reproduced fully by the product development teams, existing test equipment was put into play to reproduce the problems as closely as possible given the test capability available. In all cases, this allowed symptoms connected with the compliance issues to be reproduced in the development lab.

Remedial work to customer's product

Once problems had been reproduced in the development lab, consultancy was provided to aid remedial work to the customer's product. In this case, Analytek were able to work with the development engineers at source code level to provide a solution.