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The benefits that Analytek bring to any situation is a combination of our wide experience, along with our flexibility and commitment. This page shows some of the services that we can offer. In practice, most customers find that our tailored approach involves several different phases - for example often an initial analysis identifies a need for some subsequent bespoke software development. Please see our Case Studies for other examples of projects we have taken on.

Compliance failure analysis

Many compliance testing issues are not adequately investigated at the point of failure. This leaves customers chasing problems which often they cannot reproduce themselves. A log from a test facility is simply not enough material from which to deduce the reason for the problem and to implement a solution. Analytek benefit from many years of development of the software used in compliance testing. When type approval of a device is delayed due to the last few outstanding problems, Analytek have a methodology in analysis which can lead the customer directly to the solution rather than to continued delays impacting time to market.

Bespoke software development

Most providers of test solutions for mobile telecommunications are large organisations specialising in the most profitable areas for them. This means compliance test cases, production and service testing. Our clients indicate that this only covers around 20% of their testing requirements. Analytek concentrate on the remaining 80% of the testing. This necessitates a closer relationship to the customer, where Analytek can learn about the customer's testing experiences and provide bespoke solutions targeted directly at the issues most greatly affecting the customer's efficiency.

General mobile telecoms consultancy

You might be trying to understand the potential of a mobile technology, build a test system or utilise mobile telecoms to enhance your products. With an in depth knowledge of mobile telecommunications technologies their capabilities and uses, Analytek consultants will bring valuable real-world experience to your projects.


Analytek personnel have extensive knowledge of test and measurement within mobile telecomms, especially related to the use of Rohde & Schwarz test instruments. We can provide training ranging from a very basic introduction to the test instruments to bespoke development training for your experts, providing you with the ability to get the most from your investment in test instrumentation.

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