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Type approval testing has repeatedly proved ineffective in simulating real-world situations. Research has shown that type approval testing often represents only 20% of the testing requirements for a mobile device, the remainder being performed using live networks, bilateral testing, test-fests and other ad-hoc methods. These are expensive, imprecise and provide only limited feedback about a mobile's performance.

Field testing has often been the most accessible way to test mobile devices but this lacks accuracy and repeatability. The good news is that with expertly written tests, utilising existing test equipment, a wide range of real-world scenarios can be tested in a controlled and repeatable manner. A mobile device is much more likely to be released error free when tested in this way.

Test equipment is often seen as only really useful for running type approval test cases, but this fails to take advantage of many of the sophisticated capabilities of these expensive instruments.

An investment in comprehensive testing solutions, beyond those employed for type approval, is the best way in which mobile manufacturers and network operators can gain the confidence that mobile devices will spring no surprises when used in the real world.

Since 1996 Analytek has been dedicated to the provision of Test and Measurement software and services to some of the largest mobile manufacturers, network operators and test equipment manufacturers. Significant increases in productivity and reductions in time to market have been demonstrated by providing innovative solutions that maximise the return on investment in test equipment.

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