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Analytek produces the following products.

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Battery Life Measurement

The Battery Life Measurement software provides a method to test Battery Performance of LTE, WCDMA and GSM / GPRS Mobiles in accordance with the CTIA Battery Life Test Plan, GSMA document TS.09, AT&T specification 10776 and also the GCF PI-001. It provides all the test procedures in simple scripts for an operator to follow, with an Editor for the creation of bespoke tests. It can be used to benchmark a Mobile with a battery or provide the means to analyse consumption whilst the Mobile is in use.

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Mobile to Mobile for End-to-End mobile communications testing

The Mobile to Mobile End-to-end solution connects two GSM standard mobiles to provide analysis/verification of User-to-user functionality. This may be to simply to verify applications such as TTY or complex high level encryption sitting on top of the GSM system. In any way, this solution prevents the divulgence of any proprietary algorithms whilst providing a controlled testing environment.

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SMS Messaging Client

The Messaging Client overcomes many of the problems in managing a test suite of SMS messages for handling Text, Picture Messaging, Business Cards, Calender Events, Ringtones as well as its use for handling WAP and MMS notifications. The User Interface is similar to a simple e-mail client allowing messages to be sent, received and archived in a logical fashion.

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GSM Reception Quality and Timing Synchronisation

The Reception Quality and Timing Synchronisation software has been developed to verify that loss of synchronisation does not occur during extremely poor radio conditions that may impact other mobiles in an adjacent timeslot. During compliance testing, RR functionality such as RxQual, RxLev and Timing Advance are all tested in isolation. However, experience has shown that there is an interdependency that is demonstrable showing a Mobile drifting significantly whilst continuing to transmit and reporting to the Network that the Quality of the link is acceptable.

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